Explore exciting new opportunities in the cheese industry

What are we about?

NCCIA is committed to the growth and long term success of the cheesemaking profession in the Upper Midwest.

A pillar of NCCIA’s mission is education.  NCCIA supports education projects ranging from high school visits to advanced industry professional training to help ensure the Midwest cheese industry’s continued success.

Our annual conferences brings together member students, educators and industry professionals for an educational (and entertaining!) knowledge exchange and discussion of  current cheese  industry evolution.

This site is dedicated to your cheese education – join us today for the education of a lifetime!

    Top 5 Benefits of Working in the Cheese Industry

    1. Great people…
    2. Excellent opportunities for career advancement…
    3. Lifetime education and growth…
    4. Challenging issues in a growing field…
    5. You get to eat your work

    Educational Opportunities

    • NCCIA sponsors annual scholarships for students to attend South Dakota State University, the University of Minnesota or the University of Wisconsin -River Falls.  The only qualification needed is your interest in a cheese industry related career!
    • NCCIA offers continuing education workshops, seminars, and hands-on training to enhance skills of cheese industry personnel ranging in experience from beginner to experienced professional.
    • NCCIA is an active sponsor of efforts to recruit talented high school students to a dairy related degree program